Thursday, 12 November 2015

Weight and Steroids...Christmas Isn't Far Off.

Well, my weight went up yet again. I am now on Prednisolone steroids since yesterday and have to take 6 tablets daily for 5 days and, I know I HAVE to drastically cut down on my food intake. 
Its funny ya know!? because I do find it really easy to cut down on foods and leave out all bad stuff too when on steroids, only because I know how they had affected me in the past, my weight just ballooned up in past years so, these days I know I have to change my diet drastically so that I can lose some weight or just stay as I am. So far I have lost 2.lbs since yesterday already, weight that I had actually gained over the last week. As long as it goes down in-stead of up I am happy. 
I have been having this anxious feeling come over me, a lot lately, mainly because of stress around me. Although my X-Ray was clear, my GP advised me to take my Antibiotics and Prednisolone steroids that I have already got as an emergency pack as my chest sounded a bit wheezy when he examined me.
I will have to order another emergency pack so that I have got them in stock if I need them over the winter months.

I've got to make a double appointment with the GP in three weeks time so he can check me over again and for me to tell him about my memory loss getting worse. I told the GP that was what I had actually made the appointment for yesterday was about my memory, that's when he said make a double appointment to see him.

Christmas isn't far off really, I just haven't got any idea about what to do about anything. My mind just won't take anything in, I feel so confused about it all, I have done so for so long now. I see people arranging this and that, and what am I doing? nothing! I feel so lost as to what to do. 
Christmas don't mean much to me and hasn't done so for a long while.  I will only be giving money as presents as I have done for quite a few years now. Trouble is, I've got to cut back on the amount I give out now as my money resources has gotten tighter now.

Well, that's my ranting over until next time.    

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