Monday, 9 November 2015

Verbal Abusive

This past week my mind has been all over the place, I didn't know whether I was coming or going half the time. I've been like this for longer, but this past week I have felt this feeling much stronger 
I have noticed this more because of ? being around me more this week as his wife is away (not that I want him here, he makes sure he is here never mind how I feel about him being around me) on holiday. I am pleased that his wife will be back home today, because ? always seems to be more calmer.
Last week ? was really nasty to me. I know he is ill ( his mental state has been really bad, much worse than it has been for a long while ) He put his face up close to me and threatened to kill me all because I was cold and I wanted the heating on and he was hot and wanted the heating turned off. All I said was, no I'm not turning the heating off and he jumped up from his chair and put his fact close to mine with angry verbal threats and hurtful verbal abuse. I stayed calm, looked him in the eyes and told him 'touch me and I will have you nicked' I said this very calmly. He could have actually hurt me from that moment. I think he must have thought about this and after a while he was nice to me. I didn't get any apology  from him though, I never do when he goes like this, but I don't care about that, I just want him to leave me alone. 

? went to see his GP yesterday Monday. ? must have told the GP about how he is feeling mentally because the GP wanted him in hospital in-case ? harmed himself or others ( is unusually verbal abusive to me and others and has already lashed out and hit a couple of people which was uncalled for) and gave him a phone no to ring so an ambulance would come and pick him up. Not that he would ring it himself. I asked for the phone no. and ? refused to give it to me.

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