Saturday, 7 November 2015

Menacing Behaviour

Yesterday was a bad day for me. It all started off when ? came round about He was in a right mood and his depressive illness showed on him. 
I put the heating on as I was feeling so cold and shaky with it, I may have a chest infection which is more likely. Anyway, a bit later ? asked me to urn the heating off, but I was still feeling cold so I did not turn it off. ? said, did you hear what I said turn the heating off and I said I was cold and told him to put the fan on  facing him. No sooner had I said this, he got up and put his face in mine, he looked at me menacingly and threatened to kill me if I didn't do what he said. I didn't retaliate, just sat there calmly and said, touch me and I will phone the police. 
The verbal intimidation and patronizing menacing behaviour went on for quite some time, but I still stayed calm and let it flow through me.
It all left me in a right mood for the rest of the day although I kept my thoughts and feelings to myself.
? had to go and see his GP yesterday, late morning too and he told him how his illnesses are affecting him and what is happening to him and how he is towards others and  the GP wanted him in hospital there and then because he thinks ? will harm himself or others. 
I think ? had time to think while he was out, because when he got back here he was nice, he was calm. I made a couple of appointments for him and phoned the GP again for him because the GP had forgotten the letter for the psychiatrist and something else which I can't think of right now. The GP phoned ? back and he wanted ? to go back and see him straight away, so he did. When ? returned he went round the clinic to have his X-Ray done. 
Today, ? seems a bit better in himself. I don't know how long this will last though because he could turn on a penny.
I will just take things as they come and do my own thing and keep myself to myself which I always try to do, but one word out of place and all goes hay wire again. I could say something that don't mean anything to anyone and it will be twisted into something big. That's the trouble when someone has Bipolar, they just fly off the handle for no particular reason but someone with Bipolar would see things quite differently than someone who hasn't got Bipolar.

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