Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Spruce Up

Its a miserable day outside today. It is raining cats and dogs. No shops today!

? has got a mood on again this morning when he got here. I hope he ain't going to want to pick and moan at me again today. He has been getting me down a lot lately with all of his moan and groans aimed at me. Life is bad enough without him having ago all the time.

I feel ok in myself this morning so, today I think I will do a few light chores only ones that I can manage of course. I might spruce up my bedroom and go through the draws and throw some things out that look drab and passed its sell by date. I've been meaning to do that for sometime now but haven't got round to doing it.

I think its about time I ordered myself some clothes from the catologue. If I don't order now I won't get what I want as Christmas is getting near. 

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