Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Health Problems

? hasn't taken any of his medication for Bipolar since 7/10/15. His manner has worsened greatly but, he can't see it. He is verbally abusive, intimidating and patronizing not only to me and others around him but to people he don't know in the street. And the aggression he has in him is really bad. In some ways he comes across as evil. Its like something you would read about in a horror book.

I went along to see the C.O.P.D. nurse Wednesday this week. I told her about how I am feeling and what is happening to me. My memory issues are worsening. I'm having good days and bad days but, some of the issues seem to be there a lot more and on a daily basis. I am worried about all of this because it is affecting my confidence in myself. I'm getting like a 3 second memory and its gone. Sometimes, I can't remember what I have done throughout the day, my mind feels like mush...a lot! And, I feel lost too.
The C.O.P.D. respiratory test is in normal range so I am pleased about that. Although I have got to have an X-Ray which I've booked for Monday 2/11/15 and I've also got to have a blood test and urine test which I will have another day next week too.

Tuesday 03/11/15  

? has been put on antibiotics because he has got a bad chest infection. He seems to be a lot better in himself and less argumentative, he is still intimidating and patronizing but, not so much. He is a bad patient and makes everyone know he is unwell in more ways than one

I had my X-Ray done yesterday. The Nurse thinks I might have a chest infection too. I've yet to have my blood and water test done. I will have them done next week because I've got to fast and I keep forgetting to fast.
I keep sort of coughing, like clearing my throat but, I don't feel like I have a chest infection though!?

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