Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Contractor Visitors Today...Oh No! Change Of Contractors Appointment

Contractors for the council are coming round today to measure up the bathroom and kitchen to be renewed.
They are going to put a wet-room in my bathroom and all new kitchen cupboards.
My house has never been updated since I've been here (over 25 years) so, I'm happy to be having this work done. Not looking forward to all the mess the workmen will make though. There's always mess when work is done anyway so I'm not complaining really. 
Oh Dear! got to get ready now for my contractor visitors...sigh! Feeling stressed already.

Ok! Just got a phone call from the contractors. It seems that no-one will be here today because they're designer hasn't turned up for work today and they have made another appointment for Tuesday week.
Now I'm feeling confused, stressed and, let down all at once. I am wondering whether to have this work done to my house or not. As I see it is, if they're having problems getting round to arrange the work to be done, what about the workmen themselves, will they let me down too and it will be weeks before its all done and dusted!?? Then I will be a right confused and stressful state.

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