Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Steroids, Diet,Weight, Exercise and Outburst...

The last couple of days have been awful for me coming down off the steroids. My head has been all over the place and feeling dizzy a lot and my insides felt like it was racing away all the time, so I had been trying to rest quite a bit and I went to bed early the last couple of nights too because my concentration was bad and I could hardly keep my eyes open. The energy I had due to the steroids has left me now and I'm back to normal. I say normal, what I mean is normal for me which isn't like other people who have lots more energy than I do.
I have tried to keep my weight down while on the steroids and have succeeded too, plus I've lost a few lbs too since starting the steroids. I will do my level best to keep dieting and do a few light exercises too. I have been doing some light exercises while on the steroids and I'm doing ok so far.

There was another little outburst from ? this morning. He has been trying hard to rub me up the wrong way since he arrived here earlier this morning, a dig here and a dig there. And, I didn't say a word. He kept on and on at me, trying to provoke me and I told him to shut his mouth up. Well, that done it for sure! He retaliated back at me and it went on back and forth until I said, just say what you like, I'm not listening to you. And, he carried on with his bitterness. A little afterwards he stopped. I said nothing more, I just ignored him. I think, he thinks, hes won me over...Huh, Its a joke the way he carries on.
I tell ya what, ? has grown into his father.  ? is just like his father now because his father was nasty and always picking and if there was nothing wrong, he would create something to be wrong so as he could pick and moan or hurt people around him. That is who ? is reminding me of now...A nasty bastard!!

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